Comtel Corporation would like to announce the newest memeber of its team, Dr. Barbara Boroughf, PhD.  With the addition of Dr. Boroughf, Comtel will be adding health and safety consulting service capability to its already vast offerings.


About Us

Comtel was founded in 1946 as a manufacturer's representative for electronic instrumentation in Detroit, Michigan. Originally, Comtel represented only one manufacturer in the Detroit area. Since then Comtel has grown to over fifty people physically located in seven states providing coverage in fifteen Midwest states and the country of Mexico. Comtel Corporation represents and distributes technically superior products of many main line manufacturers. This growth occurred through Comtel's commitment to providing the customer with solutions to their problems. Comtel's sales personnel have extensive training and experience in technically complex systems including data communications systems, instrumentation, data acquisition and support equipment. Comtel's sales organization is backed by a fully trained administrative team located in two strategic Customer Service Centers.

Comtel provides a complete range of administrative services to allow the sales staff to maximize their time providing support to our customers.  The sales staff uses a sales management software (ACT) with a centralized data base to not only track projects but to maintain an active up to date customer activity log.  Comtel has two customer service centers located in Novi, Michigan and Mexico City, Mexico.  Comtel utilizes a VPN network providing a fast, safe, environment for data transfer. Comtel uses Novell Network to support the sales management software, internal email and general office word processing.  Comtel is on-line with a web based EDI with General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Daimler-Chrysler.Comtel also has its own worldwide web site

Comtel's management philosophy is to enable and encourage the sales personnel and all the supporting staff to maximize their efforts in creating sales through customer satisfaction.